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"Baby Jane Dexter may be the most talented singer within a time-honored genre of cabaret performer."-- Stephen Holden, The New York Times

Baby Jane Dexter


Major Female Jazz/Pop/R&B Vocalist!


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"I am a performer. That is what I do and who I am." -Baby Jane Dexter


Audiences may vary, surroundings may change, but if a cabaret performer is honest and can communicate, it will usually work. Baby Jane Dexter is honest. She communicates. Does she ever! She has been compared to Janis Joplin, Sarah Vaughan, Ma Rainey, and Bessie Smith. "A spectacular voice," write critics, but more than sharing the vocal abilities of these legendary singers, she connects with the same raw honesty.

This big, warm, curly-haired blonde's musical messages have been recorded on CD's, and have resounded through the grandeur of Washington DC's Kennedy Center and New York's Lincoln Center. She has performed in cozy boites, and at vast outdoor arenas with other artists like Grover Washington and Patti LaBelle. But this is just part of the story, and it's certainly not the main part. To Baby Jane Dexter, her most meaningful moments come when she is performing for those who need her -- women's groups, rape centers, mental hospitals, prisons, AIDS groups. Here she uses her songs and her experiences to heal lives.

To get to this point of confidence and charisma that she exudes in her performances, Baby Jane Dexter has had to shed the years of doubt, insecurity, and depression.

"Life is basically a work in progress. It's about moving forward and finding out what's going to be." - Baby Jane Dexter


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